If Only Every Love Story Could Be Like a Princesses

If Only Every Love Story Could Be Like a Princesses (1)

My three year old daughter is obsessed with Disney princesses. She knows their whole story, including which Prince they fall in love with, where they live and who they are friends with. She re-enacts these fairy tales on a daily basis so if I didn’t know everything there was to know about these Princesses, I sure do now that I have a daughter. But what I adore most about her being obsessed with the Princesses is that she truly believes in love, even at such a young age. She tells me all of the time that she can’t wait to find her Prince Charming, get a ring, get married and have babies. Her innocence is beautiful. If only every love story could be like a Princesses…


As a mother, I hope that my daughter reaches all of her life goals. At three, she already has set some major ones: She wants to live in a castle in France like Belle and have golden, long hair like Rapunzel. She wants friends like the dwarfs from Snow White and a Prince like Cinderella’s Prince Charming. I want her to have all of those things, especially Cinderella’s love story.

Love is so genuine in children. Their hugs are long and tight and their kisses mean the most. They may have the smallest bodies but they usually have the biggest hearts. Their intentions are pure and their spirits are free…just like the Princesses.

If Only Every Love Story Could Be Like a Princesses

I truly cannot wait to go to Disney World this year so that I can watch my daughter’s eyes light up at the sight of meeting her “heroes”. The ones she looks up to and thinks are real. But in reality, there truly are Princesses of their kind out there and I intend to do my best in educating my daughter on the mighty and wonderful women of the world…even if they don’t wear crowns and gowns.

So if you have kids, who are their heroes? If you have a little girl, were they obsessed with the Princesses? What women should I start to educate my 3 year old on? What about boys…who do they want to be? I can only image what Cam will be infatuated with when he gets older: Ninja Turtles, Batman, Spiderman, etc.?! But whatever he chooses, I will just go with it and find the positive in it all!

15 thoughts on “If Only Every Love Story Could Be Like a Princesses

  1. I love this! It's so true that love is about facing your biggest fears, and I think those are the lessons we should teach our daughters.

  2. My daughters love princesses! I think it's great to educate girls that they can be whatever they want to be, from president to princess.

  3. My daughter simply loves all things Disney… so the Princesses are a huge hit in our house.

  4. Awwwww love this!!!! My daughter is FINALLY getting into all the princesses. I've been waiting forever for this. They definitely tell some great life lessons if you look closely 🙂

  5. I really need to start a list of lessons for my daughter. There's just so many!

  6. LOVE THAT! President to Princess!

  7. I think Disney is so wonderful…all around wonderful!

  8. YAY!! Princess time is awesome! Wait until she understands that you wanted to be one of the princesses 🙂

  9. my daughter turns 6 tomorrow (eek!!) and she is actually over princesses now. but this really brought me back because she definitely went through three years or so when she was OBSESSED with them. now it's disney tween stars that she loves!!

  10. My little guy is obsessed with Batman, and always says "Justice needs to be served!"

  11. OK so I can deal with Batman. I am just not sure about other boy things…gah, guess I'll get there soon enough!

  12. It makes me want to cry reading that at 6 she is over the princesses. I want to believe that my daughter will love princesses forever!!

  13. This is adorable! My 2 year old adores princesses too! Her favourite currently being Cinderella <3

  14. Cinderella was most def. my daughter's first favorite princess but she has now learned about nearly all of them and loves them all!

  15. Who didn't want to be a princess when they were young. Somedays I still want the princess theme.

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