Simple Holiday Gifts & Treat Cups for Under $2.50

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If there is one thing Capri loves to do, it is give things to her pre-school classmates. She wasn’t big on it last year so I didn’t do a lot. This year she means business. Once Christmas time came rolling around, she started to ask me what we should give to her classmates. Just like you, I don’t like to spend a ton of money on things. And there are literally a dozen kids (not including her) in her class so I wanted to stay fairly inexpensive. So I went to Oriental Trading’s website and got enough stuff to make simple holiday treat cups for each classmate and her teachers for under $2.50!

Buy in Bulk

The best thing about Oriental Trading is that most of their products come in packs of 12. This is perfect for Capri’s class because there are 12 other classmates! They also have things that come in quantities of 24, 48 and so on in case you have more people to give to. There is also a WIDE assortment of things to choose from. At first I was going to volunteer to coordinate the craft for her holiday party and found a lot of cute ideas at Oriental Trading to do that too, but then Capri decided she wanted me to read a book instead. So we saw the super cute treat cups and ran with this idea as a special gift for her friends.

simple holiday treat cup for classmates - under $2.50! Plus a $2.00 teacher gift


What Holiday Treats You Need for the Cups

Treat Cup – The Santa boot was Capri’s favorite. It is plastic and lightweight which is good for little kids. It will get hot though so it might not be the best hot chocolate mug. I might suggest leaving it out with cold milk in it for when Santa stops by!

Stickers – This sticker set is really cute and allows the kids to be creative in a simple, yet fun way.

Pencils – You can’t ever have enough pencils! And it is important that Capri has a favorite writing utensil since she is currently learning how to write her alphabet!

Notebooks – These tiny notebooks are perfect for little kids who like to scribble on everything. Capri and I even wrote single letters on her notebook and flipped through it to practice.

Gift Tags – Capri wrote her name on each tag and we hung it on the handle of the mug. Our pack included a reindeer, snowman and Santa. Cute!

I also had extra candy canes and holiday candy available that I added into the treat cup. I did not factor these costs into the cup as they were purchased for a different project.

The best thing about making a holiday treat cup is that you can really put whatever you want in it. Oriental Trading has a lot of cute ideas on their craft page and at really good prices. You can’t buy things this cheap at the Dollar Store! Capri loved putting the mugs together and wanted to use everything her friends were receiving.

*Remember the prices may vary and change. At the time of this blog publishing, the prices made the treat mugs under $2.50 each.

Teacher Gift for Under $2.00 Plus Classmate gifts for Under $2.50


Don’t Forget About Your Teachers

I saw these really cute mini chalkboard signs while shopping around Oriental Trading too and had to have them for Capri’s teachers. We decided to use the chalkboard as the gift tag and Capri wrote her name on them (she has 2 teachers). We then found a great notepad and pen set and a cute bag and put it all together as her teacher gift. And guess what? It was under $2.00! Again, can’t beat the price AND I have things leftover for neighbor gifts, babysitter gifts, and those random “here is an unexpected gift” moments.

What do you like to give to classmates and teachers? I am always looking for ideas so leave me your links to your blog and ideas in the comment section!

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7 thoughts on “Simple Holiday Gifts & Treat Cups for Under $2.50

  1. The holidays can get be so expensive. While we want to show our appreciation and give gifts we don’t want to overspend. Your gift suggestions are all good ways to give without spending too much.

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      Exactly! And we all know how much stuff everyone really gets!

  2. CourtneyLynne

    Great gift suggestions!!!!! Loving your teacher gift ideas. We still have to get one for my daughters teacher

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      I know you always think of something cute!

  3. Kate

    So cute! These are great ideas for our neighbours too!

  4. We are giving my son’s preschool teachers (2 ladies) manicure gift sets. I put them together and I spent less than $10 on each. I’m excited for him to gift them.

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      That is a cute idea too!!

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