Teach Your Toddler to Walk with the Willa Walker

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My baby Cam is now 1 so I have been eager for him to walk. His sister started walking at 9 months. It was driving me crazy that he wasn’t walking at his first birthday. Yes…I know…all kids are different. He would do a couple steps here and there but nothing more for quite some time. Then I came across the Willa Walker on Hubba and it was like finding gold!

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What is a Willa Walker?

The Willa Walker is a wooden handheld device that makes helping a baby learn to walk easier. It is simply because they are holding on to something instead of constantly falling over. Plus it allows the adult to stand upright and still participate in this milestone of their baby’s development. No more constantly bending over.

It is also super eco-friendly. The Willa Walker is made from natural hardwood and cotton. All of the materials are earth and human friendly. From the sustainable wood handle and rings finished with organic coconut oil, to the packaging that is 100% recycled. I love, love, love this! Doesn’t get any better for a baby product!

Another safety feature is that the adult has to be using it right alongside the child. Then there is no worrying about what might happen to them (unlike the traditional wheel walkers and stories of kids falling down stairs while in them).

Teach Your Toddler to Walk with the Willa Walker

The Willa Walker team was AWESOME and engraved Cam’s name into the holding bar. Shipping was super fast too! I couldn’t wait to get it in the mail and to help Cam start walking. Oh and alleviate some back strain for me!

Cam was hesitant to use the Willa Walker at first, but after a couple of days of trying, he really got the hang of it (no pun intended). He used the Willa Walker as a tool to better balance himself. Pictured are him and his dad using the Willa Walker. However, it most definitely saved my back and I instantly felt relief walking with him.

After a day or two of using the Willa Walker sporadically throughout the day, Cam was trying to take more steps than usual. Now about two weeks later, he is on the move constantly. It is so cute because the Willa Walker really taught him to use his arms to balance himself. I like to refer to it as the monkey walk.


Walk like a Pro!

I would recommend the Willa Walker to any parent who has a child who is ready to take the next step (hehe). The Willa Walker won’t help a child who is not ready to walk. It is also not intended to be used as a tool to skip any milestones like crawling or taking their first steps on their own.

The Willa Walker is the simplest product for babies but by far the most brilliant invention ever! I am so glad that I came across this company on Hubba and will certainly be referring their handy walkers to all new moms.

Have you ever heard of the Willa Walker? Is this something you would buy/would’ve bought for your children when they were learning to walk?

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6 thoughts on “Teach Your Toddler to Walk with the Willa Walker

  1. This is such a neat device! Lots of parents could get use out of it. Thanks for sharing!

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      You are so welcome! Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. CourtneyLynne

    Awwwww love this!!!! My daughter started walking on her own randomly one day! I swear it was the only thing she did milestone wise before any other kid lol…

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      Prime example of how every child is different! She is such a champ!

  3. That looks handy! I so would have tried this with mine.

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      It was so easy to use!

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