Pressure Cooker: The Hottest Kitchen Appliance That You Need

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My parents bought me a pressure cooker for Christmas in 2014. I had no clue what it even was. My husband can’t stand just letting things sit around in boxes so he unpacked it and put it in the cupboard. This is where it sat, untouched, for over a year. Fast forward to next Christmas and my parents and I joked that I was scared of it.

I was.

I had no clue what a pressure cooker even did or what I was even supposed to do with it. Besides, I had a new baby at home so I just didn’t feel like learning something at the time. Plus I am not a wiz in the kitchen.


I figured the pressure cooker would be something I would use once and it would sit in the cupboard, untouched, for another year.

Boy Was I Wrong

One day, my parents were visiting and my dad got out the pressure cooker instruction manual. He said this is so easy, we have to give it a try. Since he has a love for cooking, I felt safe giving it a go with him. Besides, I’d blame it all on him if something went wrong!

By chance, I had some frozen chicken wings in the freezer so we went for it. It was the fastest meal I have ever made! And they were the BEST chicken wings I had ever made! Ordering chicken wings from the local pizza place costs more and takes longer than it does to make them at home in the pressure cooker.

What is a Pressure Cooker?

Pressure cookers use water or other liquids and trap steam during the cooking process, creating hotter temperatures, sealing in nutrients, and, most important of all, flavor. Since the temperatures are much hotter than other cooking methods, pressure cookers allow food to be done faster than ever!

From freezer (or thawed or pantry) to the table in sometime less than 20 minutes, pressure cookers are the must have small appliance for your kitchen.

The pressure cookers on the market today are very user friendly. They are basically set and forget (for a couple of minutes!) There are two kinds of pressure cookers that I am aware of: stove top and electric. However, I have read that there are ones that go straight into a fire or ovens too.

My pressure cooker is electric (the one pictured below is actually the one I have). If you are looking to try pressure cooking, I suggest this one.

The manual is really easy to read, goes step-by-step and hasn’t failed me yet! The pre-set functions are great because the pressure cooker just knows how long to cook your chicken, stews, potatoes, etc. You can set it for a specific time if you want and you can leave the food in the pressure cooker for a long time on the keep warm function.

Releasing the steam is probably what everyone is afraid of but it is super easy! You can let the pressure cooker do a natural release where you don’t even open it yourself. Or you can release the pressure yourself and the steam will come out of the top. Usually it doesn’t last very long. There was only one time that it made a huge mess for me (chicken noodle soup). I think it was because I overfilled the pot. Liquid came flying up and out everywhere. My mistake and I learned from it. Don’t go over the fill line!

Pressure Cooker- The Hottest Kitchen Appliance That You Need Pinterest

Soups, Chicken, Potatoes…Dessert!

When I shared this picture of our lunch on Instagram the other day, moms went nuts!

“I have never used one before.”

“I’m so intimidated by them.”

“Pressure cookers scare me.”

My husband bought me Great Food Fast (Best of the Best Presents) Bob Warden’s Ultimate Pressure Cooker Recipes and I obsessed over the meals I could make in my pressure cooker! Here is a rundown of what I have made (some recipes from the books, others I just threw in the crockpot and pushed the pre-set function…meat & chicken/soup & stew/rice & risotto, etc.)  and about how long it took:

  • Corn on the Cob – 2 minutes
  • Taco Dip – 5 minutes
  • Taco Dip – 5 minutes
  • Chicken Noodle Soup – 6 minutes
  • Chicken Wings – 8 minutes
  • Chicken and Rice – 10 minutes
  • Meatloaf – 15 minutes
  • Beef Stroganoff – 15 minutes
  • Pork Chops – 15 minutes
  • Brownies – 25 minutes
  • Pot Roast – 1 hour

Give Pressure Cooking a Try

It takes longer to prepare most of these meals and pressurize the cooker than it does to actually cook the food. So when your little one says they want chicken for dinner and they are hungry NOW, don’t fret. You can just grab a frozen chicken breast from the freezer, pop it in the pressure cooker with some water, cream of mushroom soup, soy sauce, WHATEVER, and BAM! Chicken will be on the table in less than 20 minutes.

I’ll be sharing more about what I make in my pressure cooker in the weeks to come because we all need fast meals.

Do you have a pressure cooker? What is your favorite meal to make in it? If you don’t have a pressure cooker, what are you afraid of?

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73 thoughts on “Pressure Cooker: The Hottest Kitchen Appliance That You Need

  1. I’ve been wanting to try one of these out for a while!

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      Please give it a try, especially with kids. It will be a lifesaving meal making tool in your kitchen! Faster than pizza delivery…I promise!

  2. 20 minutes?! That’s insane. This would really making dinner so much easier to tackle. What a time saver!

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      OR LESS! You can make chicken noodle soup in 5 minutes…but the prep time is obviously longer than that if you are cutting veggies. But yes…when the kids are screaming for dinner, pop it in the pressure cooker and BAM! Hot dinner on the table pronto!

  3. Thank you so much for this post!!! I may actually get one of these, since I love the idea of quick meals right from the freezer!

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      I always throw frozen chicken right in. There are some things that will take a little (and really like minutes) longer when frozen. The cookbook I mentioned has a “frozen” section in the back to help with that.

  4. My husband ordered one. I thought he was crazy. It’s awesome!

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      What do you love to cook in it? Chicken is always my go-to during the week, but I also love to make meatloaf in it!

  5. I need one of these asap! I have seen so many delicious looking recipes that people post about making in their pressure cooker! I need to get one!

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      Yes! You will be so happy with it, I promise!

  6. A pressure cooker is definitely on my Christmas list for this year. I’ve wanted one for the longest because I’ve always heard that they’re great for cooking meats and keeping all the juices in.

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      That is going to be one great Christmas if you get it 🙂

  7. Cooking food faster would be so nice. I might have to add this to my wish list. I love to cook and this would really come in handy.

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      It is a great appliance to experiment with too!

  8. I’d be pretty excited to try some new recipes that use pressure cookers. It would be nice to make my current recipes quicker and easier with one too.

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      Most def. your “old” recipes could get made faster! Give it a try!

  9. Elizabeth O.

    The pressure cooker is pretty intimidating if you haven’t used it before, but boy it really does pack on the flavor! It’s perfect for cooking any kind of meat and it makes the job easy as well. I’m glad you’re loving yours!

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      YES! The flavors are always awesome no matter what I cook!

  10. Thank You for this post!! I really need to get one now!! Sounds so easy!!

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      Literally you put in the ingredients and push a button (at least on mine!) SUPER easy!

  11. I can’t even imagine making food without pressure cookery. It is a necessity in typical Indian kitchen.

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      That is really good to know. I’ll have to look up some recipes! Please share any you have!

  12. I’ve always wanted one of these!

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      Go for it!!!

  13. Nicole Escat

    Wow! I need a pressure cooker like that. How I wish I can buy it here in the Philippines.

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      No Amazon there?

  14. Ryan Escat

    I haven’t tried cooking using a pressure cooker like that. I am sure that my wife will love it.

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      YES! It would make a great Christmas present, Ryan!

  15. I’ve always wanted a pressure cooker! Now that I see how easy it is to use, I may have to break down and buy one.

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      Check out the one I have. The red color of it makes it bit more expensive than the black (at least on last check). Or put it on your Christmas list 😉

  16. I have a pressure cooker and I LOVE it. It comes to my rescue when suddenly it’s dinner time and I’m unprepared.

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      It has come to my rescue on more than one occasion too! 🙂

  17. Unbelievable! I’ll have to ask for one for Christmas

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      Yes, ask Santa to put that under your tree!

  18. I didn’t realize how awesome these things are. It’s definitely something I need to try!

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      Yes, especially with kids around 🙂

  19. I’ve had my eye on these for a while. I could really use something that makes dinner fast. I’m glad you pointed out that you tried wings. I would’ve never guessed.

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      Haha I know, right?! The desserts are really crazy to make in it!!

  20. CourtneyLynne

    Omg I have been wanting one of these forever!!!!! I really need to get one!

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      I can’t believe you don’t have one! This would be a fun gadget for you too!!

  21. I have wanted one of these for YEARS! I knew they were versatile and useful, but had no idea you could make desserts in them! Definitely getting one soon!

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      oh yes! The cookbook that I talked about has a whole section of desserts!! Let me know if you get one and what you try to make!

  22. Wow! This sounds awesome! I’ve always been scared of a pressure cooker too, but it sounds amazing. I can’t believe it cooks things so fast. I need one!

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      Shann! I don’t believe you don’t have one! GET ONE…ASAP!

  23. We used to have a pressure cooker growing up, don’t have one as an adult, what we have instead is a slow cooker. I wonder if it’s the same?

  24. I was just talking to my sister about getting a pressure cooker, now I feel like i really need to get it.

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      That is so funny you were just talking about it! It is seriously my fav. appliance right now!

  25. Another great appliance to add to my holiday wish list!

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      Isn’t it funny that as we get older our wish lists for the holidays change? I mean, I would’ve never asked for a pressure cooker when I was younger and now it is like YES! NEED THIS!

  26. My mom swears by her pressure cooker! I need to use mine!

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      My mom swears by hers now too!!

  27. Great tip! and thanks for the explanation because, I had no idea what they were really for or how they help me in the kitchen!

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      You are very welcome! I know how confusing it can be!

  28. I’ve never used a pressure cooker! I’ve always been too afraid to. Then again I’m afraid of almost everything in the kitchen. lol

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      Haha! I am the same way, hence why it took me over a year to try it but I am SO glad that I did!

  29. I’m obsessed with my pressure cooker too. I have a whole chicken out for tomorrow in mine!

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      What do you use as your liquid?

  30. Ann Bacciaglia

    I can remember some amazing meals my Mom made with her pressure cooker. I will have to pick one up and try a few recipes.

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      Awe that would be great and how awesome to bring back those recipe and memories!

  31. gingermommyrants

    This looks like a great pressure cooker. I will have to pick one up. There are so many great recipes to try.

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      Mine is soooo easy to use! Love it!

  32. Im always telling other people to take advantage of the cookers when they complain about not having enough time. I should really take some of my own advice because they are great! Can pretty much throw dinner in it and have a nap!

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      LOL! You are so funny. YES! Take your own advice and make dinner in it tonight!

  33. If you can believe it I still do not have a pressure cooker!!! Everyone tells me I need one but I just haven’t gone ahead and invested yet!

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      I don’t believe it! Invest because it is WELL worth it!

  34. This cooker sounds like a Godsend. It would be so nice to be able to prepare a meal that quickly. I will have to put this on my Christmas list. ?

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      It is so amazing to get dinner so in a jiffy!

  35. Robin Rue

    I have been looking into getting a pressure cooker. It is totally on my list to get in the next week or two!

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      Awesome! Check out the one I mentioned (the one I have). It is SUPER easy and works great!

  36. That looks wonderful. I bet it can cater a lot of years in service for my sister who’s always in the kitchen. Good recommendation here!

    • Christine - The Choosy Mommy

      I am sure it will last a long time! There really isn’t much to break on it haha!

  37. Wow!! This sounds AWESOME!! A huge time saver. I might have to try this out!!

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